The SG assessment team made finalists evaluation on us

2017-10-09 21:50:55
The state grid assessment team of experts made finalists evaluation on our company.The experts through on-site examination,sampling inspection data and other forms of assessment,considered that the safe production,operation management,service and other indicators of our company all met the state grid shortlisted criteria and the team unanimously passed the review.   
During the inspection, our company made a special report on the shortlisted work of the State Grid. The contents of the report were divided into enterprise management, cultural construction, safety management, production management, energy saving management, operation management, marketing management, human resources and technological progress.
Evaluation team of experts went deep into our company's technical department, production department and other relevant functional departments and grass-roots departments, and conducted a detailed inspection.
In the assessment feedback meeting, all the experts in the evaluation team had feedbacked the inspection opinions, and fully affirmed the construction of the first-class enterprises in our company.The inspection team believed that our company had a solid foundation in various fields of work and had made outstanding achievements in specialization, refinement and standardized management. It had made brilliant achievements in safety production and staff training, and had met the requirements of the State Grid Enterprise Assessment Standards.
At the same time, experts from the assessment team also put forward their opinions and suggestions on the problems found in the inspection and hoped that the rectification would be carried out promptly. In the future work, we will adhere to the principle of first-class standards and consolidate and improve the achievements in enterprise construction.
The chairman Li zhiguo on behalf of the company made statement speech on furtherly do a good job of creation and construction,and required the whole company should adhere to the scientific development concept,timely solve the problems and deficiencies during the company development,firmly establish a sense of crisis and a sense of responsibility, and strive to make breakthroughs and remarkable achievements in technological innovation and standardization.