Line Power
Wuhan Line Power Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research ,development,production and sales of high voltage transmission power composite insulator series products.The core technology comes from the scientific and research institutions such as Wuhan University (originally Wuhan University of Water and Electricity)、Hubei Institute of Chemical and Industry and Wuhan High Pressure Research Institution and so on. In order to adapt to the industry development demands,it was reformed in combination with national capital by the scientists and engineers who are in the field of composite insulator.Now it is restructured as a new modernized enterprise which integrates research ,production, marketing and sales. The company had formed a series of composite insulator mature products at the beginning of its establishment. These products have been widely used in power, railway and other industries for many years.The core team members of company technology, production and management have more than 20 years of working experience in the same industry. The excellent core team ensures the high starting point of the company in technology and products.Since its inception,the company has been keeping long term scientific and research cooperation with National Institute of Electric Power Research,China Electric Power Research Institute,Xi’an High Pressure Electric Appliance Research Institute and Tsinghua University,which guarantees that it maximumly absorbed  advanced technology and experience from the domestic and abroad similar industry and realized getting rid of the stale and bringing forth the fresh of composite insulator series products continously.
 Located in Wuhan Miaoshan development zone,the company listed to stock market in 2015.The company has more than 400 acres of production land, and has built six assembly line production workshops, with a total of 30,000 square meters of workshop. The new type of modern steel structure plant and garden style factory provide ample space for the development of the company.
The company products are covering power station pillar composite insulators with electricity voltage from 72.5kV to 252kV,strength grade from 10kN to 20kN.The overhead line composite insulators are with AC electricity class from 10kV to 1000kV,DC from 400kV to 1100 kV;strength grade from 70kN to 1000kN.Electrified railway composite insulators includes long rod suspension 100(120)kN and 160kV ordinary type ,reinforced type,highland type, double insulators,and long rod pillar 8kN,12kN,16kN ordinary type ,reinforced type,highland type,double insulators.All specifications and models have finished technical appraisal,whose comprehensive technical performance have reached domestic advanced level.                   
The company owns the internationally advanced 18000cc full automatic overall injection molding production equipment and the voice control end fitting welding machine.Testing center is equipped with important test machines such as 1000 kV power frequency experimental transformer,600kV steep shock wave,1800kV lightning  impulse test complete equipment,40kN.m bend tortion testing machine,2000kN tensile testing machine and vulkameter and various other normal production and inspection equipments.
The company plans to buy 500kV integral injection molding machine at the end of the year ,which will enable its 110kV rod suspension composite insulator  annual production capacity up to more than 400,000 pcs,and 126kV power station post composit insulator annual production capacity up to more than 200,000 pcs.
In terms of production management, the company established quality assurance system according to modern enterprise management standards, and has passed ISO14001:2015 enviornmental management system certification and OHSAS18001:2007 occupational health and safety management system certification ."Quality is the life of an enterprise" is particularly prominent here.The whole company operates strictly  according to the  management system.The whole process is strictly controlled according to the standard.Each procedure is self-inspection, mutual inspection and full-time inspection of "three inspection system".Veto power is used to the quality control.All the technical performance and indicators of the products meet the enterprise standard requirements.
The company pays great attention to the integrity culture, the quality culture and the innovation culture construction. The goal is to create the high-quality goods,to serve the power industry, facing the whole country to go to the world.